Arsenal SVG Pack - printable, vector, svg, art

Arsenal SVG Pack

This is collection of 27 lethal weapon SVG vector files are completely suitable for use as design elements in poster, t-shirt design, decals, wall art, etc...

These detailed SVGs sell seperatly for $2.45 each giving this bundle a worth of about $66.00. Getting this download is like purchasing each file for $1.

Download Contains: SVG format only of these weapons,

AK47 -
Barrett M82 -
Beretta 92FS -
Colt -
Desert Eagle -
Dragunov SVD -
FN F2000 -
FN Five Seven -
FN P90 -
Glock 18 -
HK G36 -
HK G36K -
HK USP Tactical -
L85A1 -
Lee Enfield -
Lewis Machine Gun -
M4 Carbine -
M16 A2 -
M67 Hand Grenade -
Musket Pistol -
Remington 870 -
Steyr AUG A1 -
Uzi Pistol -
XM8 -

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All Works Created and Copyrighted by Scott Hassler a.k.a. Hassified

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