Hair Removal with Hair Eating Cream - VOD Digital Video on Demand

You've heard the jokes and myths about woman putting Nair hair remover into the hair on her head to remove hair. But have you wondered what would really happen if someone really did that? Kat does just that in this video. Kat was going to use actual Nair hair remover lotion on her head, but the bottle cautioned that Nair cannot be used for the head. So instead, Kat purchases a container of Carson's Hair Remover that is specifically made to remove hair from a person's head. Kat follows the directions and has the 1/4" or shorter hair length. She rubs on the lotion, massaging it into her scalp, waits the time needed and starts to scrape off the lotion and melted hair. The hair and lotion mess is like putty. Some of it won't come off. She can feel the hair being pulled from her scalp. Kat then uses a razor to shave her head smooth and to rid herself of that lotion.Duration 24 minutes, screen size 720x480, format .avi
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