The Darkest Night: Dark Ambient Production Music

A dark and mysterious ambient atmosphere created with a combination of electric guitars, bass, orchestral brass, horns, and low string basses. This track produces a calm and mysterious atmosphere with powerful instrumental colors that create an ominous backdrop for any audiovisual project.

This music would work well to provide a suspenseful and thoughtful mood to film, videos, and games.

"The Darkest Night" complete: 2:09
"The Darkest Night" edit 1: 1:23
"The Darkest Night" edit 2: 1:08
"The Darkest Night" edit 3: 0:37
"The Darkest Night" edit 4: 0:22

141 BPM

This music includes a standard Royalty-Free License. For extended licenses (for broadcast or more than 10,000 physical copies) please contact the author.

16 bit 320 KPBS .MP3 and 44.1 .WAV files included

Included License:
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