Ben Kealy's 2017 Lightroom Travel Presets


Here are my 2017 Adobe Lightroom Travel Presets! 

Check Out my TUTORIAL on how to use these Here:

Edit your photos with just the click of a button!
11 Brand New
 Presets created over the past year of my travels around the globe! You can view the styles and my how I use them on my Instagram below:

A wide range of different colours and styles inspired by my favourite movies and Instagram Looks!

Easy to install and customise to personal preference!

**Please DO NOT
download these from your mobile phone! USE A DESKTOP OR LAPTOP COMPUTER!

This pack includes: Director's Cut, Forrest Gump's Vietnam, Jumanji, Jungle Book, Let There Be Light!, Pain and Gain, Pandora, Pursuit of Happiness, The Notorious, The Wolf of Wall st. and Tomb Raider!

*You will receive 1 ZIP file containing 11 Lightroom Preset files. These files must be installed to a specific folder and Lightroom MUST be restarted. These are NOT for photoshop, Premiere, Or any other editor. 

Now get out there and Start Creating!


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