Bombardier atv OUTLANDERTM 330-HO 2x4-4x4 400-HO 2x4-4x4-XT MAX-MAX XT 2004 Shop service Manual

This is a very comprehensive and structured factory operator's manual for 2004 Bombardier atv OUTLANDERTM 330-HO 2x4-4x4 400-HO 2x4-4x4-XT MAX-MAX XT . This manual has been written in a format that is designed to meet the needs of Bombardier atv OUTLANDERTM technicians worldwide. You will never be dissapointed with the quality and content of this workshop manual.

This manual has been prepared as a guide to correctly service and repair 2004 ATVs. This edition was primarily published to be used by ATV mechanical technicians who are already familiar with all service procedures relating to Bombardier made vehicles. Mechanical technicians should attend continuous training courses given by Bombardier Training Department. Please note that the instructions will apply only if proper hand tools and special service tools are used. This Shop Manualuses technical terms which may be slightly different from the ones used in Parts Catalog. It is understood that this manual may be translated into another language. In the event of any discrepancy, the english version shall prevail. The content depicts parts and/or procedures applicable to the particular product at time of writing. Service and Warranty Bulletinsmay be published to update the content of this manual. Make sure to read and understand these. It does not include dealer modifications, whether authorized or not by Bombardier, after manufacturing the product. In addition, the sole purpose of the illustrations throughout the manual, is to assist identification of the general configuration of the parts. They are not to be interpreted as technical drawings or exact replicas of the parts. The use of Bombardier parts is most strongly recommended when considering replacement of any component. Dealer and/or distributor assistance should be sought in case of doubt. The engines and the corresponding components identified in this document should not be utilized on product(s) other than those mentioned in this document.

This Shop Manual covers the following Bombardier made 2004 ATVs:

North America and International Models
330-HO 2x4 (laurentian green) 7932
330-HO 2x4 (viper red) 7987
330-HO 2x4 (yellow) .7986
330-HO 2x4 INTL (viper red) 7969
330-HO 4x4 (camo) 8101
330-HO 4x4 (laurentian green) 7931
330-HO 4x4 (viper red) 7985
330-HO 4x4 (yellow) .7930
330-HO 4x4 INTL (laurentian green) 7936
400-HO 2x4 (laurentian green) 7984
400-HO 2x4 (viper red) 7966
400-HO 4x4 (camo) 7978
400-HO 4x4 (laurentian green) 7929
400-HO 4x4 (viper red) 7928
400-HO 4x4 (yellow) .7964
400-HO 4x4 INTL (viper red) 7933
400-HO 4x4 INTL (yellow) .7967
400-HO XT 4x4 (2-tone) ..7982
400-HO XT 4x4 (camo) 7981
400-HO XT 4x4 (laurentian green) 7980
400-HO XT 4x4 (viper red) .7979
400-HO XT 4x4 (yellow) ..7965
400-HO XT 4x4 INTL (2-tone) ..8137
400-HO XT 4x4 INTL (yellow) ..7968
MAX (laurentian green) ..7761
MAX (viper red) ..7759
MAX INTL (viper red) ..7971
MAX XT (laurentian green) ..7990
MAX XT (viper red) 7989
MAX XT (yellow) .7970
MAX XT INTL (yellow) .7974
Trademark of Bombardier Inc.
European Community Models
400-HO 4x4 (viper red) 8108
400-HO 4x4 (yellow) . 8110
400-HO XT 4x4 (2-tone) .. 8139
400-HO XT 4x4 (yellow) . 8111
MAX (yellow) 8130
MAX XT (yellow) 8112
Trademark of Bombardier Inc.


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