[MS] Oramond_Lower_Rathleton_ByNosbor00

  • Recommended Level: 170+ 
  • Vocation: [MS] Master Sorcerer
  • Exp/hour: 170k/Hour to 300k/Hour+ (Depends on Respawn) 
  • Loot/hour: 10k/Hour to 30k/Hour+ (Depends your Lucky)

  • Depositer and Refiller
  • Utura Gran Macro
  • Exori Frigo/Vis, Gran Frigo/Gran Vis, Max Frigo/Max Vis
  • Ultimate Spells when 4+ Monsters Range
  • Haste on Spawn(GoRefiller and GoHunt)
  • Multiples FullChecks
  • Special SQM's
  • Easy to customize with variables
  • Never gets stuck
  • And more not listed here…
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