Web Based Programming soln

Description of assignment:
Your task is to design and implement a web site using Python and the Flask framework.   The website will be for a rental property similar to that implemented for the first coursework assignment but must use a server side approach using the Flask framework. JavaScript may be included to enhance the usability of the site.   
The site should comprise a home page giving details of the property including a gallery and a separate page describing local attractions. It should be possible to enter and display comments. The comments should be stored on a server side csv file, not on local storage, and should include the name of the commenter and the date of the comment. Any other pages that you consider relevant may be included. The work completed for the first coursework can be re-used but each page must be rendered using the Python/Flask framework.  
In addition, there should be a page for requesting a rental of the property. This page should allow a prospective renter to enter the dates for which they wish to rent the property and their name and email address. These details should be stored as a server side csv file which the owner can access and edit using Microsoft Excel in order to confirm the booking or edit the entries. The page should display dates when the property is rented out and whether the rental has been confirmed by the owner, details of the renter should not be displayed.  
Advanced features: You may include advanced features to make the site more useable. For example, the site could prevent double booking or different rental rates could apply to different periods and the total cost of rental could be calculated.  
Additional marks will be awarded for any advanced features that are included.  
Working arrangements: Websites will be developed individually.   

The site must be implemented using Python and the flask framework, each page should be rendered using the Flask framework. Use HTML5 for web pages - All HTML generated by Flask should be validated. Use an external CSS style sheet for all styling of web pages - All CSS should validate. JavaScript may be included. Ensure that you always use relative references, if you use absolute references it may not be possible to view resources.  
A working website using the flask framework including any referenced files. A PDF document detailing any special or advanced features of your site that you wish to highlight and any problems you might have encountered. This should not be a detailed description of work carried out and should be a maximum of one side of A4. Also list the preferred browser for viewing the site.  
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