IT 240 Week 8 Assignment - Disaster Plan


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Read the company descriptions in Appendix G and select one.
Create a disaster plan for your selected organization that includes how you would recommend the company back up and protect its network data. Your plan must be 1,250 to 1,500 words in length, and your recommendations must be based on the RAID system of data protection. Your plan must also address how the company should protect against natural disasters that might occur in the company’s geographic location.
Include any charts, graphs, or visual components that are helpful in illustrating your plan.
Format your plan consistent with APA guidelines.
Post your plan as a Microsoft® Word attachment.


IT Disaster Plan Assignment

The scenario I chose to go with is company A and have come up with a disaster plan as follows. I would schedule a meeting with all department heads and key personal to discuss and look over the draft and fill in all necessary information important to make the plan a success.
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