CIS 297 Week 3 Individual: Mobile Security Job Aid

 CIS 297 Week 3 Individual: Mobile Security Job Aid

NC Organization wants to provide information about maintaining device and data security to all employees who use personal and corporate-owned mobile devices.

Create a job aid that will provide employees with the following:




Best practices for maintaining physical security of the device


Best practices for maintaining information and data security when using the device


Ensuring device and app settings comply with organization standards


Guidelines for setting file encryption


Procedures to ensure data synchronization between device and corporate servers


Procedures to follow when a device is lost


Create your job aid as a chart, procedures document, or digital poster using Microsoft® Word or Microsoft® PowerPoint®.

Note: A digital poster is similar to a poster created on poster board, except it is digitally created. A digital poster can include a mix of elements such as narrative content, images, videos, and graphs.

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