Xanthia and Crystal Haircuts at Fantastic Sams Salon - VOD Digital Video on Demand

Xanthia has a job interview so she wants to have a professional-looking haircut. She visits the Fantastic Sams with her best friend, Crystal. Xanthia gets caped, her long hair washed, and parted in sections. The professional stylist cuts one section at a time with a scissors to achieve the desired look. Soon Xanthia finds most of her hair on the floor. The stylist gels, hairsprays, and blow dries her hair. What does Xanthia and her friend think about Xanthia's new professional look? They love it! After watching Xanthia's awesome haircut, Crystal is so inspired that she decides to get a haircut too! She is caped, has her hair washed and cut by a professional hair stylist, using a scissors and comb. Crystal's nape is cleaned up with an electric razor. The stylist then uses gel and hairspray and a hair dryer to create a wonderful hairstyle that Crystal is very happy with. duration 47 minutes, screen size: 720 x 480
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