HIS 145 Week 4 Watergate Cause & Effect

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HIS 145 Week 4 Watergate Cause &


Resources: "Watergate:
White House Plumbers" on this week's Electronic Reserve Readings, your
textbook, and the Cause & Effect Tree Worksheet in the Course Materials Forum.

 Complete the Cause & Effect Tree Worksheet
with 5 effects of the Watergate scandal on the American political system &
the American public.

 In a separate Word document with
Title page and References page, compose a 100-150 word description
about the Watergate scandal as the cause and 100-150 words about each effect
you choose to include. Include at least one citation from the resources in each
of your paragraphs for the cause and effects.

 Submit your completed worksheet, as well as
the Word document to the Online Classroom.

 Format your
paper consistent with APA guidelines, being sure to include the articles you
sourced and your textbook on the References page.

 Include a
Certificate of Originality.

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