Group Discussion - Contemporary Leadership Concepts Compare and contrast the key ideas in...

Group Discussion: Contemporary Leadership Concepts

Compare and contrast the key ideas in contemporary leadership studies to biblical truth.

General Instructions
The purpose of this assignment is to give you a solid understanding of the key ideas associated with contemporary leadership—“Personal/Interpersonal” dimensions of leadership and “Leadership and Spirituality.” In Workshop Three, the professor assigned each team a specific leadership category in preparation for this discussion. Based upon these assignments, each student will present research and findings in which key leadership ideas/theories are applied to real world business settings.

Read: Reviewing Leadership, chapters 3-5

Read: Leading with a Limp, chapters 7-10

Online Instructions

  • Post individually and respond to the posts of people not on your team and respond to a post from each of the other teams/leadership categories.

  • Therefore, you will need to respond to and critique three posts of your classmates, meaning that you will need to add to the ideas in your classmate’s post with additional research.

  • Original posts should provide an overview of the leadership concept chosen by the student as well as how that concept fits in the leadership category assigned to the student’s team.

  • The required reading, including the “Workshop Three” Power Point presentation should be part of your discussion.

  • Response posts should focus on a biblical analysis of the ideas discussed by their classmates.

  • Submit your original posts in the discussion board area with the heading of the leadership category to which you’ve been assigned and then the specific leadership idea you are discussing. For instance:

PERSONAL ATTRIBUTES-Emotional Intelligence

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