MTH 208 Week 2 Checkpoint

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 MTH 208 Week 2 Checkpoint  (The Latest Version A+ Guaranteed Work)

MTH 208 Week 2 Checkpoint

Q1: Complete the sentence below. To solve add to each side.

Q2:Solve the equation. Check your answer.

Q3:When the cost of a car is multiplied by 0.07 the result is $1760. Find the cost of the car.

Q4:Solve the equation and check the solution.

Q5:Use the formula d=rt to find the value of the missing variable.

Q6: Solve I=PRT for P

Q7:Use a number line to graph the solution set to the inequality.

Q8: Use the multiplication property of inequalities to solve the inequality. Graph the solution set.

Q9:Solve the linear inequality.

Q10:A student scores 73 out of 100 on a test. If the maximum score on the next test is also 100 points, what score does the student need to maintain at least an average of 81?


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