Wiggly Text for After Effects [CS6+]

Adobe After Effects CS6+ Animation Preset

Get that vintage, shaky text effect done in just a matter of seconds with this preset!

The process is simple, like the video says: Drag the preset into your layer of choice, and you're done! You can also tweak the settings to make it look however you want, perhaps you want a slower animation ? Turn the "Jittery FPS" slider down. Higher distortion ? Increase the jittery amount. Works with text, images, videos... anything you want.

Showcase & little tutorial video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhFJ8sZ0u-A

Preset made in After Effects CS6, might not work in previous versions.

In case you don't know how to install it, go to: Local disk - Program Files - Adobe - Adobe After Effects - Support Files - Presets. Create a new folder for your presets if you don't have one, and paste it in. You should now be able to see it in your effects browser.

Feel free to contact me on Twitter (@Rytuxpc) or Discord (Rytux#0859) if you encounter any problem or have any questions.