Runescape 3 YouTube Thumbnail Template Pack v3

This pack comes with 5 separate color options of the same Runescape 3 YouTube thumbnail template. Each color option is in it's own PSD for convenience and ease of use. Inside the photoshop document you will find a render folder which allows you to hide and show any renders that you wish to feature in the thumbnail by using the eye icon. You can also do this to pick the backing you want in the backing options folder. To change the text simply select the text tool and highlight or double click on the text you wish to change, then type in the title you wish to give to your RS3 thumbnail.

When you purchase this pack you will receive a .Rar file which must be extracted to get the photoshop files of the templates. This can be done with winrar or another rar extractor such as Rar extractor on a Mac.
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