CIS 297 Week 2 Individual: Troubleshooting Fishbone Diagram

 CIS 297 Week 2 Individual: Troubleshooting Fishbone Diagram





“Fishbone Diagram” subsection of the “More Techniques in a Nutshell” section of the Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making Techniques Pluralsight course by Milena Pajic.


“How to Use the Fishbone Diagram” video in the® course Project Management Foundations: Leading Projects.


“Get to the Root of the Problem” article in Week One Electronic Reserve Readings.


You work in an IT support department. You receive a call with the following complaint:

“When I start up my system, I see the login screen, but before I can enter my username, the system shuts down.”

Create a fishbone diagram that identifies the steps you would use to identify and resolve the issue.

Use Microsoft® Visio®, PowerPoint® or Word to create your diagram.

Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.

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