QNT 351 Week 4, Learning Team Reflection

The purpose of testing a research hypothesis is to prove or disprove the research question. The first step in testing a research hypothesis is to state the problem in the form of a question. The second step is to state the research question as it relates to the null hypothesis and alternative hypothesis. Then the parameters must be set to test the null hypothesis. The fourth step is to calculate the probability of the test statistics or rejection region. Finally, the findings from the tests must be stated.

The hypothesis was familiar to one group member, so she felt comfortable with the topic. She did not struggle with any particular topic this week. This week’s topics directly relate to her field of study. As an accountant it is important to have a good understanding of mean, median, and mode, as well as statistical probability. These topics are all a part of learning to analyze information and make educated and well-thought business decisions.
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