Create a Java Application Project named - Expert Answers

Create a Java Application Project named - Expert Answers

1. Create a Java Application Project named PRJ1[Last Name][First Initial]. As an example, if your name was Xavier Smith, then the project would be named PRJ1SmithX.

2. Review the requirements for the program (3 a. – 3 h.) then generate a test plan in a document named PRJ1SmithXTestPlan using the Test Plan Example document listed in Week 1 Activities as a guide. An example is presented in this document for your consideration.

3. Once you are in the IDE with the tabbed in the Source window, begin developing the following program:

a. Declare all appropriate identifiers for the program.

b. Have a set of prompts that request a user’s (1) first name, (2) middle initial, (3) last name, (4) age in years, and (5) three lucky numbers in a set of Input Dialog Boxes (JOptionPane.showInputDialog()).

c. Display a welcome message in a Message Dialog Box (JOptionPane.showMessageDialog()) that includes the full name, e.g., “Welcome John Q Smith.”.

d. Display the message from the Output column from the table below in a Message Dialog Box based on the age entered:

If the age input is Output

Less than 12 years* You are just a kid!
12 years You are almost there.
13 years but less than 20 years Welcome teenager.
20 years but less than 21 years Welcome almost adult.
21 years but less than 65 years Welcome adult.
65 years or older Welcome Senior Citizen.

*It is assumed that “less” means entering at least a 1 in the first test instance. There will not be any tests for a value of 0 or any negative numbers for this assignment, though it would be expected to check for these values in a real world program.

e. For determining the appropriate output for the Message Dialog Box in d., use a single test per condition contained in a cascading conditional structure avoiding all unnecessary, redundant coding.

f. Display appropriate text in a Message Dialog Box for the average of the three lucky numbers, e.g., “The average of your three lucky numbers is: 20.”

g. When the user ends the program include a final line of text after a blank line: “Thanks for sharing your information, [first name from entry].”

h. Add the appropriate documentation to the program as suggested in the Documentation for Programs document listed in Week 1 Activities as a guide.

[As an alternative for the three Message Dialog Boxes, you can attempt to place all three output messages (name, age message, and lucky number average – think \n) in the same Message Dialog Box. This is not a requirement.]

4. When the assignment works correctly for all parts, capture images of the results – screen shots – for each of the test plan sets of data – the program will have to run for each of the sets – and paste each of them after the test plan prepared in Item 2. above into PRJ1SmithXTestPlan. The document contains the following: your test plan matrix followed by each of the screen shot sets of output. Each of the screen shot sets is tagged as Test Output 1, etc. or whatever term you prefer to use.

5. Once you complete the Project 1 program attach the and PRJ1SmithXTestPlan files to the appropriate location in LEO.
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