Managerial Accounting: E20-6 A job cost sheet of Nilson Company

Managerial Accounting 
A job cost sheet of Nilson Company is given below. 
Job Cost Sheet 
JOB NO. 469 Quantity 2,000 
ITEM White Lion Cages Date Requested 7/2 
FOR Tesla Company Date Completed 7/31 
Date Direct Materials Direct Labor Manufacturing Overhead 
10-Jul 825 
12 900 
15 440 550 
22 380 475 
24 1,600 
27 1,500 
31 540 675 
4,825 1,360 1,700 
Cost of completed job: 
Direct materials 
Direct labor 
Manufacturing overhead 
Total cost $- 
Unit cost $- 

Answer the following questions. 
1.What are the source documents for direct materials, direct labor, and manufacturing overhead costs assigned to this job? 
2.What is the predetermined manufacturing overhead rate? (Round answer to 0 decimal places, e.g. 125.) 
3.What are the total cost and the unit cost of the completed job? (Round unit cost to 2 decimal places, e.g. 10.50.) 
Prepare the entry to record the completion of the job.
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