Haze (Weebly Theme)

Learn more about Haze here: https://weeblytricks.weebly.com/haze-weebly-theme.html

Haze is a business theme for Weebly directly inspired by Weebly's "Mobile" site theme. With its signature colored banner image overlay (changeable) and animated click-to-scroll banner arrow, it's immediately an attention grabber.But what makes Haze our most popular business theme is very much its simple nature in design and intuitive user interface. Bringing everything together is as simple as changing a color and adding a Weebly element.

In the latest version of Haze, 3.0.0. -- built ENTIRELY new from the ground up -- we moved the theme's styling back to the original and favored styling it came with when it was released in the Spring of 2016. You'll find familiar features, such as Weebly 4's customizable header and "section" element, as well as some fun built-in surprises such as image animations on hover and a color changing, fixed header. You'll also find some fun and unique theme options along the way.
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