Backbay Lounge

Backbay Lounge 

120 bpm

Piano, Guitar, Drums, Bass

This is cool. You can walk into a dinner party, grab a glass of prosecco, kiss the host, then casually defuse a large bomb one second before the timer runs out. That level of cool. Maybe you're not that cool, but if you adopt this as your personal theme tune, people will THINK you're that cool.

This download includes the following files:

Backbay Lounge - Bass.wav

Backbay Lounge - Bonus Vibes.wav

Backbay Lounge - Drums.wav

Backbay Lounge - Full Mix.wav

Backbay Lounge - Guitar.wav

Backbay Lounge - Piano.wav

Backbay Lounge Jazz 1 Transposed.pdf

Backbay Lounge Jazz 1.pdf

Creative Commons - Attribution 4.0.pdf

ISRC: USUAN1700068
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