HS 245 Week 4 Understanding Domestic Violence


 HS 245 Week 4 Understanding Domestic Violence

Watch  the two TED talks about Domestic Violence.  The presentations include access to the transcripts.  Please click on the links under student materials to the right.

After watching both TED talks, respond to the following questions in a minimum of 350 words. I am looking to see that the responses are thoughtful and reflect having watched the videos. Be sure to clearly identify the questions you are answering in your response.




1)  Substantively Summarize each TED talk as to what each was about and highlight some key points mentioned from each presenter in your summary of each. (2 points)




2)  What is domestic violence and how does it impact families? (1 point)




3)  What are some ways in which human service workers can help families and work with those experiencing domestic violence based on what you learned from these videos? (1 point)


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