372 : Miss Amy and Miss Ale - The mud disaster

Amy and Ale have been invited to an exclusive party in the countryside and, as always ... they are late and they got lost !!

They call a friend and he suggested them to take a short cut. However, the road is muddy and they are in a small Fiat Uno. They are worried about the short cut as they don't want any trouble.

Miss Amy starts driving and she eventually gets stuck. At first, it's just a little stuck and she tries to get out by giving it lots of gas. The car stalls frequently and Amy goes back and forth but nothing happens. She keeps pumping the gas harder and harder and Miss Ale gets a turn.

The girls take turns struggling and theme eventually get stuck so bad they can't get out! They even try with socks and barefoot to get out of the mud but ... the car is almost not moving !!

Will they be able to join the party?
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