***PLEASE NOTE: We recently became aware that the standalone AdMob SDK is being deprecated. We're working to update this ANE accordingly and will have a new version online ASAP.

We do not currently provide support for this extension. Support will resume at a later date. The ANE has been tested with all current iOS and Android versions.***

Implement AdMob ads into your mobile apps and games with ease and power using the Brinkbit AdMob ANE (Air native extension). Integrates with apps built in the Adobe AIR platform, providing access to every essential AdMob feature: phone and tablet support; banner and interstitial ad formats. Your awesome app deserves awesome ads, and the Brinkbit AdMob ANE delivers them.


Supports Android and iOS smartphone and tablet devices
Pay less, control more: the most full-featured AdMob ANE available
Targeted ads deliver relevant content to your users
Preloaded ads deliver instantly with no time lost loading
Auto-orientation supports portrait and landscape formats
Ads let your free apps earn money for you
Simple setup – 2 lines of code + comprehensive tutorial and video installation support
Supports banner and interstitial ad formats for higher eCPMs
Restricted mode utilizes Google’s COPPA-compliant features for children under 13
Easy integration into Flash Builder, Adobe Flash Professional, and FlashDevelop projects for Android and iOS AIR apps
Uses AdMob version 6.4.1 (Android) and 6.5.1 (iOS)—the most recent AdMob SDK
No longer retrieves UD IDs, in compliance with Apple’s new policy

See it in action in our apps: Party Time, CeeBee, Our Solar System
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