NEW Smart battle calculator 2.1 [E4K] [Unofficial]

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I'm playing E4K for about 2 years and made this porgramm for myself. It helps me (and my alliance) with smart defence and attack and I hope it will help you too. 

Update 2.2

  • Changed units defence value because of game update (10.07.17)

Update 2.1


  • Added new units (Veteran Flame bearer, Veteran Composite) because of game update (31.05.16)

  • Increased the strength of Renegade Katana warrior, Renegade Bow master, Flame bearer, Composite bowman because of  game update (31.05.16)

  • Added functions Save/Load Attack/Castellan/Commander

  • Added Title attack bonus and Royal tower bonus

  • Coloss calculator

  • If you have bought the battle calculator once already, you can get discount. Contact me [email protected]

  • Calculator defense and attack. It's simulates the result of a battle at all levels

  • Automatically defence configuration

  • Сalculations for the courtyard

  • Find the best variant defense and attack

  • Up to 5 slots on the wall

  • Up to 6 waves of attacks

  • Choose any kind of unit of defense and attack

  • Calculations for the flank and front

  • Units editing

  • English, German language

  • For Windows

  • Any questions and suggestions to [email protected]

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