HCS 224 Week 1 Office Operations Worksheet

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 HCS 224 Week 1 Office Operations Worksheet

Complete Parts A and B of the Office Operations Worksheet.

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Part A:

Mark the best answer to each of the following questions:





Smith calls the office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Johnson. How should you answer the phone?


Doctor’s office. Can I help you?


Hello, this is Shirley. How can I help you?


Good morning! Dr. Johnson’s office. This is Shirley. How can I help you?


Johnson’s office. How can I help you?






Which of the following is not part of the closing procedures?


Run account reports and balance day sheet.


Turn the phones over to the answering service or voicemail.


Turn off all office equipment.


Follow-up with patient to ensure compliance with physician’s instructions.






Which of the following is not part of the registration process?


Identify the type of insurance.


Schedule patient for follow-up visit.


Verify insurance coverage.


Collect copays.






Jones walks into the clinic without an appointment and insists on being seen, but there are no openings. What do you do?


Find out the reason she needs to see the doctor and ask a nurse to speak to her to determine if the doctor should be asked to see her.


You simply tell her there are no available appointments and tell her she can schedule for another day.


You tell her she can wait for 5 to 6 hours, and you will work her in.


You tell her she can be seen if she pays an additional $50.00 for a walk-in service.






Melissa presents to the front desk with her insurance card and you determine after checking eligibility that the card is not active. What do you do?


Let her be seen anyway and tell her you will bill her later.


You explain to her the insurance is not valid and tell her she will be self-pay for the date of service and explain the possible charges.


You tell her she cannot be seen because she has no insurance.


You tell her you will spend some time trying to find out who takes her insurance and let her know in a few days where she can go.


Jenkins calls the office in a panic because her husband is having chest pain. You already have three other patients on hold. What do you do?


Tell her you have three other people to tend to and ask her to hold.


Tell her to call 911 and hang up.


Transfer the call to nurse for immediate triage assistance.


Take her number and tell her the nurse will call her back shortly.






You have a waiting room full of patients and the doctor seems to be running an hour behind schedule. What do you do?


Keep patients informed of the delay.


Offer some of the non-urgent appointments the opportunity to reschedule.


Try to avoid the patients so you do not have to explain anything to them.


Both A and B are correct.






Simpson missed his appointment for the day. What do you do?


Send out a notification of the no-show or missed appointment.


You place a note in his chart not to schedule him again because he no-showed once.


Ask the doctor to discharge him from the practice.


Send out a notification of the no-show or missed appointment and document it in the chart.






Mary comes into the office with two insurance cards. One is through her employer and the other is her spouse’s. Which one is primary for Mary?


Mary can determine which one she wants to use for the visit.


The one with the lower copay is primary.


Mary’s plan would be primary.


Her spouse’s plan would be primary.






You are confirming appointments for the next day. You call Mrs. Jone’s home, but her husband answers and she is not there. What do you do?


Tell him she has an appointment for tomorrow to have her diabetes check-up.


Ask him to have her call the office immediately.


Refer to the HIPAA guidelines and see if there is a release to allow you to disclose information to her spouse, including appointment times.


Tell him to remind her that she has an appointment tomorrow.


Part B:

Write a 90- to 175-word response to each of the following prompts. Format your answers according to APA guidelines and cite any sources accordingly.





Explain the birthday rule.






Who is considered the guarantor of an account?






What are some ways practices can accommodate patients with disabilities?






Explain the differences between licensed and non-licensed staff. Give two examples of each.






Why is it important to capture accurate demographic data upon registration?
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