Silencio - Ben Woods - Flamenco Guitar Tabs and Notation

Here is a Silencio I wrote for accompanying Flamenco dancers.
A Silencio is a darker, lyrical section of a Flamenco Alegrias dance that creates a strong contrast to the choreography that is lively and mostly in the major key with lots of fast footwork from the dancer and aggressive guitar playing.  

I recorded this in a hotel room in Denmark, as I am often on the road touring (this time with the Steve Stevens Band).

I recorded/played this with my new Ben Woods Signature Model Guitar, available from Ortega Guitars.
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Hint: when learning this piece, first learn and memorize the notes with the sheet music/tabs provided, then watch the video in youtube and click on the gear icon in the bottom right corner of the player - got to speed - adjust to .5 and play along at half-speed. The pitch doesn't change, it only slows it down. Then you will be on your way.
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