154 : Miss Iris hardly cranking and bouncing the Fiat Punto in clogs and barefeet

Miss Iris today is in a Total Black mood! Black top, black sweater and black trousers!

A friend of her called to ask her if she wants to go to do some shopping, and how can Iris say no to shopping?

So she jumps in her Fiat Punto with her clogs, she turns the key while dreaming and being excited about all this shopping that she will do, but after a few seconds she is back in the real world, because... The car doesn't want to start at all!

She starts immediately pumping the accelerator, praying the car to start. She desperately wants to go shopping with her friend, but she is late yet plus the engine doesn't give any sign of life!

What's wrong now??

She can't understand why the car does not want to start,  it should work!

She pumps all the pedals in the way she knows very well, but actually the car doesn't seem so in love with her pedal pumping, as it hasn't started yet...
So she pumps more and more vigorously, but nothing happens...

Will the car starts? Will the battery die before or after her patience?
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