IT284 Week 7 Collaborative Assignment - On and Offsite Support Strategies


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Read the following troubleshooting scenarios:

• Scenario 1: Steve recently purchased a new computer from a local electronics outlet. Now, 3 months after buying his new computer, his monitor is frozen and will not restart without unplugging the machine. He tells you that all of his family photos have been saved on the hard drive and that it is imperative for you to retrieve them.

• Scenario 2: You are a service representative at a company that manufactures computers for financial applications. Katie, a branch manager for a bank, calls you and says that all of her point-of-sale terminals have quit working. Each terminal uses Windows XP and is connected to the bank’s network. Katie has no working knowledge of these terminals and cannot resume operations without them.

Discuss, with another student from your course, the different resources required to support the customers mentioned.
Write, individually, a 350-word analysis for each scenario, describing how support would differ if performed on-site or off-site. The following components must also be addressed in each analysis:

• Required support software
• Required hardware
• Cost of support
• Required skills
• Steps for selecting and implementing technology

Collaborative Assignment: On and Offsite Support Strategies
Scenario 1:
The primary objective in Scenario 1 includes retrieving family photos off of the customer’s hard drive. The most effective method for this service needs to be done onsite and offsite.
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