Eeny's Alliance Vanilla Quest Files

A tested Alliance Human Quester for Vanilla 1.12 Servers using Wrobot.

This is a single profile for 1-30.  Quests in human + Dwarf zones.  There is grind in this profile ( As its Vanilla WoW this is expected), however majority of the EXP comes from completing / turning in quests.

30-35 is now included!

Starts in human start zones and moves between zones in Eastern kingdoms as it levels.  Does not take the boat to Kalimdor.

Required bot to start at level 1.  Release v1 will be the 1-30 release.  Once feedback input has been included will break the file down to allow different starting levels.  Preferred classes are Warlock, Paladin, Hunter and Priest.  Mage is passable.  Rogues and Warrior's may struggle( As normal with Vanilla WoW).

If you have any questions im always available for a PM on discord or via Wrobot website. 

If you have any feedback im always open to ideas and if you like the file post a review on the forums!


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