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Subject Psychology Topic Bronfenbrenner’s theoretical framework to a practical case
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The purpose of this assignment is to apply Bronfenbrenner’s theoretical framework to a practical case. The framework is covered in the textbook and in additional reading material that is posted on Bb and we will discuss it in much detail in class (with examples). Students have the choice to work on this assignment either individually or as a group (max. three students). The students can choose either a case-report provided by the instructor or find one that interests the student and is suitable for the intended purpose (in the latter case it is recommended to check with the instructor whether the source is suitable). The case can be based on a variety of sources (e.g., a media-report, a scientific publication, or a web-based publication) and it can be from any part of the world. However, there has to be some form of written documentation in English that needs to be submitted with the analysis. The analysis can be based on multiple sources. Often, case-reports are about a number of people involved in a case. You will pick one individual (likely the most important in this case) and focus the analysis on this person. Clearly, the nature of this analysis requires you to take the other people involved in this case into consideration. For instance, the case might be about a child involved in a custody battle. The analysis will focus on the child, but can also include the parents, grandparents, the school environment, Children’s Aid Society, etc.
The paper will consist of three sections: 1) General Introduction, 2) Analysis, and 3) Conclusion. The Introduction should be short (e.g., one paragraph) and provides an overview of what the paper is about. The main focus of the paper is on the second section, the analysis. Here you will apply the different aspects of Bronfenbrenner’s framework to the specific case you have chosen. For instance, you will describe which “micro-systems” the main person belongs to (again, this will be explained in class). It is crucial that you apply all the different aspects of the framework to your specific case. The last section “Conclusion” again should be short; you should summarize the main result/message that emerged from your analysis and you can comment on issues such as social norms and conditions under which people develop, implications for social policy, professional practices, and service delivery, and your own life.
The paper should not exceed eight pages (excluding cover-page and bibliography). Please submit all the bibliographic information required to review the case (e.g., the URL, an electronic copy of a document). Please submit this assignment as an electronic document on Blackboard (no hardcopy required). Further information will be provided in class.
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