cis105 module5.6

PC-based for the most part has applications stored on your C drive, your internal hard drive -- whether you're on a PC or a Mac, it's on a drive within the unit.

Server-based is what we use on campus, where all the software that you have access to is not sitting on the computer that's sitting on the floor next to you or on the desk. Most of it is on a server, which is in another room.

In the server room, there are computers that have one server-based copy of Microsoft Office on them, which allow multiple people to use the application. What ASU does is buy site licenses. ASU has site licenses to have X number of copies of the product open at any given time.

For example, with Microsoft Office, ASU basically has a one-to-one ratio. For every computer that's connected to that server, there is a license for Office. The assumption is that it's likely that everybody in the room could be using Office at the same time. If you use an application that doesn't have a one-to-one ratio, it is possible to run out of site licenses. If this happens, you get the message that says, "Sorry, all the licenses are used." If this happens, you have to wait until somebody logs off so that it frees up a license so you can access one.
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