Stalactites (MFM2)

Stalactites is a set of 100 presets that explores the ability of the MFM2 to manipulate the delay times and feeback treatment of a signal in a dynamic way: the times of the echoes change constantly, but unlike classic tape delays, there is no "chipmunking" or "record spin down" effect... that is not to say this is not possible with most certainly IS! ...its just that MOST of the stalactite presets just don't go there ;]
...we might do more "tape based" effects next time perhaps!

u-he's MFM2 delay has always fascinated me.
...and for some time, I've felt a little intimidated by it.
The sheer number of options available to one on the MFM2 GUI is a little overwhelming, but...
once you "break it down", its much easier to understand what does what! (I must credit this awesome Dan Worrall tutorial here:
While I am a fan of MANY delay devices, I believe MFM2 may be perhaps the most comprehensive delay unit available in vst

in this 'stalactites' set, I have tried to primarily explore "changing" (as opposed to "morphing") delay using square and step style user LFO's to manipulate the delay times (along with those same LFO's manipulating themselves and other LFO's...)
there are some seriously complex and random...but somehow organic results in these presets. They're of course not recommended for everything...but they could definitely add spice and create movement where needed!
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