ENG 295 Week 2 Project Gutenberg

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 ENG 295 Week 2 Project Gutenberg

This week’s readings from the Project Gutenberg site offer wonderful examples of Alphabets, Chapter Books, and Picture Books. Some, such as The Adventure of Two Dutch Dolls and a ‘Golliwogg’ and Little Black Sambo, offer a look at how stereotypical depictions of people of color have presented in literary culture. Be sure to read “Little Brown Sanjay and Little Black Sambo: Childhood Reading, Adult Rereading; Colonial Text and Postcolonial Reception” from the Week 2 Electronic Reserve Readings page in conjunction with these picture books.

Navigate to the Project Gutenberg website.

Search for the following titles in Project Gutenberg. When you have selected and opened the correct text, search for the indicated readings listed beneath each title, below.


A Apple Pie by Kate Greenaway

The Anti-Slavery Alphabet by Anonymous

Mother Goose’s Nursery Rhymes by Crane, Gilbert, Tenniel, Weir, and Zwecker

Chapter Books

Chap-books of the Eighteenth Century by John Ashton




“Tom Thumb”


“The History of the Two Children in the Wood”


“The History of Sir Richard Whittington”


Picture Books

Struwwelpeter: Merry Stories and Funny Pictures by Heinrich Hoffmann

Under the Window: Pictures & Rhymes for Children by Kate Greenaway

The Real Mother Goose by Blanche Fisher Wright

The Queen of Hearts, and Sing a Song for Sixpence by Randolph Caldecott

The Adventure of Two Dutch Dolls and a ‘Golliwogg’ by Bertha Upton

Little Black Sambo by Helen Bannerman

The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter
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