BSCOM 268 Week 3 Controversial Issues in Entertainment Paper

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BSCOM 268 Week 3 Controversial Issues
in Entertainment Paper

Discuss a controversial issue you have seen in
the media, such as violence, unethical behavior, racial or religious
discrimination, drug use, or sexual content, in a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper.

Explain the
nature of the controversy, why it is used, and how it would be different with
the controversial content removed. Provide examples.

Find three
mass media messages on the issue from different sources, such as a news report,
advertisement, or a press release. Discuss how each source presents a different
side of the issue and how media affects public opinion.

Discuss how
new technology affects news and advertising. How does new technology affect the
public's perception of the controversy? Does the medium in which the message is
presented resolve or exacerbate the controversy?

Submit your
assignment to the Assignment Files tab.

Alternative Option (with instructor approval):

Create two
media pieces showcasing the pros and cons of the same controversial issue.

Present different
sides of the controversial issue in each media piece to demonstrate how the
media piece affects public opinion. Your media pieces may be in any of the
following formats: 

  • Radio or
    Television advertisement

  • News Report

  • Press

  • Newspaper or
    Magazine column

  • Blog

Include the
following in your media pieces:

  • Discuss the
    nature of the controversy.

  • How does it
    affect or benefit our society?

  • Why should
    we be concerned?

  • Provide a
    possible solution to the problem (if applicable).

You may use the following options to create your media

  • Script (3 to
    4 pages)

  • Slide
    presentation (10 to 12 slides)

  • Audio or
    video podcast (1 to 2 minutes)

  • Or another
    format approved by your instructor

Cite readings
and at least three peer-reviewed sources.

Format your
paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Submit your
assignment to the Assignment Files tab.

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