Color Correction Pack (AE) - Plexversal

These effects are for after effects only, but if there are many of you that are looking for sony vegas CC's too then drop a comment saying so!

- Some of the CC's require the following plug-ins:
Magic Bullet Looks
Optical Flares

- there are some CC's which don't need any plug-ins though ;)

How to install:
Just drag this folder into your after effects 'preset' folder, the path should look like something like this - C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CC 2017\Support Files\Presets

How to apply:
You just need to create an adjustment layer (ctrl+alt+y) above the footage you want to apply the CC to, then drag the effect from the 'effects and presets tab' onto that adjustment layer. You can also apply the CC directly onto the footage as well.

Take note, that these effects were made using 'after effects CC 2017 on windows 10' If you are using different versions there could be some compatibilty errors but if you have all the plug-ins required it should work fine!
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