Beat Your Fear & Phobia of Flying - The Complete Mind Therapy System

Beat Your Fear of Flying - The Complete Mind Therapy System

Easily overcome the phobia of air travel and aircraft.

Of all the hundereds of different phobias I have treated as a professional Hypnotherapist in the past decade, aviophobia is probably one of the most life-limiting to sufferers.

Having a fear of flying, aircraft (planes, helicopters, hot air balloons etc) and even airports, is more common than you would imagine - and can have extreme life changing effects on the patient. I've met people who have never holidayed abroad, have had to turn down jobs and promotions, and those who have sadly never held their grandchildren, all because of their fear of air travel. Yet the solution is simple - listen to this professionally recorded audio track every day for a month before your journey, and let the powerful messages enter your subconcious - and rememeber to take your MP3 player (with this track loaded on it) with you to listen on the flight.

As always, never listen to this track in any sitution when loss of concentration will put you or others in danger - and never when driving or operating machinery etc.

Finally, enjoy your flight! Flying can be a wonderful experience, and don't forget, it is only a small journey to reach your long awaited goals, dreams and ambitions.

I would love to hear your success story when your return from your travels - or perhaps you could send me a tweet with a photo!
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