DIY Editorial and Social Media Planner How To & What to Put in One

There are a lot of digital editorial and social media planners and calendars sold online that are great for organizing your posting schedule.

I did a search and found some pretty good ones. I even found a few real life planners at office supply stores and discount stores I like but none were perfect just for my needs.

I manage several blog properties and social media accounts so I did the next best thing to purchasing an already made product: I created my own.

In this new video tutorial, I show you what I put in mine in hopes of giving you inspiration on what you can add to yours.

It's a quick tutorial and only a little bit more than 15 minutes. Check it out!
BUY the one I used at my ETSY shop HERE!


“How to Find Quality Blog Content” was excellent: replete with low-cost or free resources that are both user-friendly and easy to integrate into my blog. I’m already thinking about which I’m going to use. Thanks so much for generously sharing all this great information!"

Kim Wei, Founder The Kim Wei website

"I appreciate Jeneba¹s wealth of knowledge. Her teachable style was clear and she was able to convey her lesson in a manner that was easily understandable to

- Andrea H. Evans, Esq.
Intellectual Property Attorney
The Law Firm of Andrea Hence Evans, LLC
Patent, Trademark & Copyright Law

Your Instructor

JJ Ghatt
CREATOR: Jeneba Jalloh Ghatt

Content Creation & Marketing Expert

She has represented fortune 500 and 100 companies while working as an attorney at a top international law firm earning a six-figure salary before returning to her passion of creating and curating content online as she did in the earliest days of the internet at the University of MD Office of Technology.

Lifestyle parenting blogger, columnist & digital media publisher

As a 20 year online content curator and creator veteran, she is passionate about helping the next generation of digital publishers and online business owners.

To date, Jeneba has founded over a dozen blogs including some award-winning & highly trafficked ones.
She has guest spoken, lectured and adjunct professor taught at:
Yale University Law School;
University of Maryland at College Park, College of Journalism;
Penn State University, College of Telecommunications; and
Georgetown Law Center.
She wants her students to overcome all the hurdles, breakdown barriers to information, learn all the tricks of the trade and get the insights. They don't have to re-invent the wheel and start from scratch.
Jeneba’s goal is to edify and enlighten others so they can get to their goals faster and spend less time, money and effort in the process.

Jeneba has been recognized by the leading public relations trade media distribution and online press aggregator, Cision, as one of only 25 influencers to follow on Twitter and one of 25 Rich Media influencers to follow on Twitter.

Through her award-winning and highly trafficked websites and their associated social media accounts, Jeneba has gotten content before over70 million readers, viewers, listeners and online consumers.

She’s been invited to the White House, the Capitol, product launches, fashion shows and events, and other showcases where top influencers, bloggers, thought leaders and taste makers are exclusively asked to attend.


Jeneba has made the successful pivot from a 6-figure earning attorney at a top International law firm representing fortune 500 and 100 clients to a digital media company owner and now I show other professionals how to follow a similar path.


In her 10 years of experience as a blogger, including a few years as a professional blogger, I have gained tremendous insight on content creation, curation, copy editing, social media marketing, content marketing & promotion, growth hacking, search engine optimization and digital media management.

Her goal is to edify and enlighten others so they can get to their goals faster and spend less time, money and effort in the process.

Students just want the information before going on their own. They don't want any empty promises of riches, just the basic information so they don't have to re-invent the wheel, spend hours of time researching it all and figuring it out on their own and starting from scratch!
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