Java Programming Questions with full source code

Question 1
Write a Java program to compose a random sequence of 10 case-sensitive letters. Allowable letters are: C,D,E,F,G,A,B,c,d,e,f,g,a,b. Assign random values to each letter. Allowable values are 4,3.5,3,2.5,2,1.5,1,0.5. Display a comma separated list of each generated letter followed by its assigned value. Do not include a space between the letter and its assigned value. Use an array as part of the solution to this question.

Question 2
Write a program that prompts the user for a character in the range of a-z (inclusive) and 3 integers in the range of 1-9 (inclusive). The program should convert the character into lowercase and get its numeric equivalent (where a is 1, b is 2 … z is 26) and multiply the numeric equivalent by the sum of the integer inputs. The program should print the inputs and the total in CSV format to a file. The first line in the file should contain headings. The second line should contain the values. Each output should be separated by the | symbol. The file name should be of the format YYYYMMDD.dat where
o YYYYMMDD is todays date in year month day format
o .dat is the filename extension.
o Example filename: 20170131.dat.

Question 3
Implement a class Cuboid with methods getSurfaceArea() and getVolume(). In the constructor, supply the length, width and height of the cuboid. Supply a test program to create a cuboid and display the volume and surface area using these methods.

Question Consider there is a superclass Vehicle. Create the Vehicle superclass and two classes, Motorbike and Car that inherit from Vehicle. A vehicle has a length, width, height and number of wheels. A Motorbike has a handlebar type (one of these: TRACKER, CLIPONS, MOTO, ZERO_DRAG, LOW_DRAG, HIGH_DRAG), and a Car has a boolean indicating if it is a convertible. The Vehicle class has a toString method which returns a string listing all of the details it has. The Motorbike and Car override this method to extend it with their details.
Write the class declarations with the member variables, the constructors, getters and setters, and the methods toString for all classes. Supply a test program that tests these classes and methods.
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