Binary Holy Grail 2.0

1. Do you see these yellow dots? It HolySignal INDICATOR. This is a very important indicator. Itcalculates and shows real time tops and bottoms of prices. You can even use it alone with prettygood accuracy. It is not well known zigzag indicator. My indicator is different. If you ask me, if MyIndicator redraw or not, I say Yes, it can repaint. But that's okay. Shows how tops and bottoms thecurrent price she has to repaint as the price moves, and the upper and lower levels also movingwith the price. But that's okay! Remember that we will use these yellow dots as an indication probabletrade. Although we can use this indicator for entries, but we won't do it because we want toachieve higher accuracy.2. Our second indicator is an indicator HolyChannel. We will use it as confirmation to our signals .
But that's not all. This figure gives us a picture of the market. This is a very powerful indicator. It
shows the state of the market. Just looking at this figure, we can easily say, the market if
trend or to go. Using this figure it will be much easier for us to trade in any market condition. We
Can Go with the trend or pullback or even Trade we Can : wait for a trend reversal, the Indicator : when
changes its value on the projection of the horizontal Channel. Thus, we Can Take any type of trades with This
indicator. The idea for this index came from use of Bollinger bands . But HolyChannel is
work much more powerful and accurate than Bollinger bands. Besides, perhaps this Terp even show no Message
the future price movement with accuracy.3 High. Our third and final indicator is a measure HolyCandleTime. It just shows the time remaining at the end
candles. We open our transaction at the beginning of a new candle . So we use this indicator just
to see how much time is left before we enter a trade. That's all.
So all these indicators we will use to trade . Believe me, I have tried different combinations of many
indicators and trading after a long I came to the conclusion that these figures are really enough : To
Successfully trade. And the best part it, your chart look easy to read. You paved the way is to avoid ambiguity WHEN
Well, now that we have our chart is open and ready to trade , I will show you how to trade the system. I
going to show no Message Different Types of deals with you. BEFORE but I'll give you General shopping for : the rules of This
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