Unexpected Journey


No one expects it! No-one wants it! But when it arrives, Cancer can throw a person or families whole world into a spin!
An amazing biography and journal first hand overview and account of our own journey with a very nasty cancer!
A useful read for carers or anyone managing another persons cancer journey!

We share our first hand experience with many of the cancer treatments available currently.

Thinking about going to China for the all amazing cancer treatment?
Maybe Perth, Australia for Radiowave Treatment?
Ozone, therapy, vitamin C or raw foods for cancer treatment!

It can be hard to get real & credible information, that's not written by the sales people!
We share how it went for us with a first hand account of the results!

This is an emotional and empowering read for cancer patients partners or friends!

More like a journal than a "self help" book , this is an incredible account and emotional tale of my young wife's battle with life's most feared disease. It's an emotional read, with inspiration and enlightenment as you go. It is very informative and will help empower a patients partner with lots of very real and useful information about what's available, what's happening and how you are feeling.

CANCER! It's like if you say it out loud, you might catch it! .....YOU WON'T! There is plenty of self help and miracle cure books for cancer patients but this one is written by a partner for partners and for anyone that wants a big reminder of why today is a great day to be alive. Everyone's looking for that Miracle Cancer Cure or brand new Cancer Treatment and we were no different !

Read about the ones we tried and how they went! Feelings of confusion and guilt can reign supreme, but you are not alone....

You will receive a PDF file that links to the E-Book
Also available as a hard cover version (Just email us for a price)

This E-book is not for distribution
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