Kseniya's Bob Haircut - VOD Video on Demand

Kseniya doesn't like to spend two hours on making her hair beautiful, so she decided to have it cut short, the shortest that she's ever had it - an inverted bob with a layered back. She gives a before-the-haircut interview, posing with her long brunette hair that reaches her bra, and plays with a giant scissors and comb set. Kseniya is wearing a cut black dress and matching black high heels. Soon she takes a seat in the vintage 1920's barber chair, where her neck is wrapped with a neck strip and a pink cape drapped and secured on her. After Jim Williams, the hair stylist, dicusses with her about her upcoming haircut, he lifts up the cover to the shampoo bowl and washes her hair. He briefly dries it with a towel before combing the hair out and sectioning it with a wide-tooth comb. Jim takes out a safety razor and begins shearing the hair in the back. Long strands of wet hair hit the floor. A scissors and a comb are also use to shape the inverted bob haircut. Later, a thinning shears takes out the fluffy bulk out of Kseniya's thick hair. Jim gives Kseniya's new haircut the final touches with a hair blow dryer and some pomade. As always, it's not a complete haircut without the clippers removing the excess hair at the nape. Just when you think that the haircut is done, Kseniya requests that the bulk of the bob is removed with a thinning shears. Jim re-covers her with the cape and does what she asked. Kseniya is hoping to achieve a similar hair style to that of Irina Spalko in the film, "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull." Kseniya is also Russian, just as Irina. At the end of the video, Kseniya talks about her haircut experience and poses showing off her hair. Duration: approx 88 minutes, screen size: 720x48, format: .wmv
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