Dutch Angel Dragon Feral Line Art

Upon buying this base you will recieve a compressed (zipped) file folder containing a PSD and transparent PNG file of a full body line art of a Feral Dutch Angel Dragon character. 
This base DOES NOT include extra horns or feathers, you have to add extra features yourself. 
Dutch Angel Dragon species created by ino89777 of Furaffinity.net.

- A way to extract compressed (zipped) folder files
- A program that can open a PSD or PNG file format
- Good understanding of layers.
- Some Artistic Skill

Rules of use:
- Do Not redistribute or share this file with anyone else, even if they have claimed to have bought it.
- Do not remove or change the Credit text at the bottom of the file.
- Feel free to edit the base and change any of the colors.
- You may use this for adoptables and commissions.
- Always credit me, Misheru-san, as the artist for the line art.
- Please be respectful to me and the creator of the species by following the rules and guidelines for the Dutch Angel Dragon species when using this base.
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