Billie's Ivy League Haircut and Clipper Cut - VOD Digital Video on Demand

Ginger-headed Billie, wearing a white blouse, black tie, a short red plaid skirt, black stockings, and black Mary Jane shoes, is seated in the maroon cushion arm chair, giving an interview about her past hair adventures. Currently, her shouldar-length hair is in two ponytails, with a matching red plaid bow on each ponytail. After about seven minutes, we next see Billie taking a seat in the old fashioned barber chair. Her hair is first taken out of the ponytails, and then brushed out. Billie states that she would like to have a pixie haircut. The stylist, James William, asks if perhaps she would like a pixie in the front, and it shorter in the back. Billie agrees. James then draps a blue nylon cape on her shoulders, wraps a neck strip around her neck, and then snaps the cape tight around her neck. The lid to the shampoo bowl is lifted, and the vintage shampoo try inserted in the barber chair. A towel is placed on her shouldars before her hair is brushed out briefly again and her hair shampooed with lots of lather and rinsed. Billie's hair is quickly towel dried and then the barber chair pumped up. Her hair is straighten out neatly with a wide tooth comb. Her hair for her fringe is cut first, with the stylist using a safety razor. Next, the rest of her hair is shorn off into an ivy league haircut with that same razor and black comb. Hair slides down the cape and into Billie's lap. About halfway through the haircut, James dries Billie's mullet with a small handheld blowdryer and vented paddle brush. Once Billie's hair is dry, James tells her to put her head down while he sections the back of her head in half, to prepare for the pink Oster clippers with guard attached. Soon the back of her nape becomes visible, with hair surrounding it. Finally, there is nothing in the back but extremely short hair. The clippers are turned off and the rest of the haircut is finished with a scissors and comb. You may be amazed at how becoming Billie's haircut is on her, and how it brings out her facial features. Billie notices the beautiful transformation and asks, "Can you please go shorter in the front? I love how it's bringing out my eyes." The clippers with a guard flick back to life and James runs them all over Billie's head. Soon, Billie is dusted off with a pink duster to remove the shorn hair from her face. Touch ups are done with a scissors, a comb, and a pair of thinning shears. Just when you think that the haircut is done, Billie asks for it to be a grade or two shorter! After another buzz, a smaller portable clippers are used to clean up Billie's nape and sideburns. Billie is dusted again to remove the fallen stubble. Look at all the hair that has piled on the floor! With a smaller guard, Billie's hair is faded into the top hair. More scissors and then it's time for the neck strip to come off and Billie dusted yet again. Her collar is fixed, her button buttoned, and her tie tightened. Billie feels her freshly buzzed head. It has an amazing feel to it. Billie loves her new look and she poses for photos at the end of the video to show off her elegant new look. Duration 77 minutes, screen size 720x480, format .wmv
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