Linde Diesel Forklift Truck 392-02 Series: H20D, H25T Operating Instructions (User manual)

Linde Diesel Forklift Truck 392-02 Series: H20D, H25T Operating Instructions (User manual) Changing the V-ribbed belt Changing the toothed belt and tensioning pulley Changing the water pump Checking the toothed belt drive Changing the air filter cartridge Changing the air filter safety cartridge Check the dust discharge valve Cleaning the prefilter (special equipment) Cleaning the oil bath air filter (special equipment) Change the oil in the oil bath air cleaner (Optional) Check the intake and exhaust pipes for leaks Checking the particle filter system Gearbox Checking the fastenings of the axle clamps and wheel motors Checking and adjusting the side stops on the drive axle Checking the drive axle bearings for wear Hydraulic pump: Checking the mounting on the engine Chassis, bodywork and fittings Cleaning the truck Bonnet Bottom plate Maintainingthe heating system and air conditioning (special equipment) Checking the seat belt for condition and function Chassis: Checking the mounting Checking and oiling the bearing points and joints Topping up the washer system container (special equipment) Chassis frame Changing wheels Tightening the wheel fastenings Checking the tyres for damage and foreign objects Checking the tyre pressure Checking the condition of the antistatic belt Cleaning and lubricating the steering axle, checking the mounting Operating devices Checking the parking brake for correct operation Checking the pedal group Checking the bellows at the actuating lever Electrics Check the condition and secure positioning of electric cables, cable connectors and connections Battery: condition check, disposal Hydraulics Hydraulic system: Checking the oil level Changing the hydraulic oil Hydraulic system: Changing the filters Checking the bleeder valve on the hydraulic tank for correct function Check the hydraulic system for leaks Check tilt cylinder bearings for wear Tilt cylinders: Checking the mounting Check the tension of double hoses Load lift system Working on the lift mast and at the front of the truck Cleaning and spraying the lift mast chain Checking the mounting, condition and function of the lift mast, lift mast chains, lift cylinders and end stops Adjusting the lift mast chain Checking the fork arms and fork arm safety devices Clean sideshift (special equipment) and grease, check fastening Checking the sideshift (special equipment) for wear Cleaning and lubricating the fork prong positioner (special equipment), checking the mounting Checking the fork prong positioner (special equipment) for wear Self-help Opening the cover to the electrical system Fuses for basic and special equipment Main fuses in the engine compartment Diagnostic connector Malfunctions during operation Malfunctions, causes and remedies: Diesel engine Malfunctions, causes and remedies — hydraulic system Jump start Towing Shutting down Shutting down the truck Disposal of old trucks 6 Technical data Overview of dimensions H20D-02type sheet, as at 01/2013 H25D-02type sheet, as at 01/2013 Lift mast data type 1 85 Truck configuration Tyre variants and rim sizes Load capacity diagrams Additional capacity rating plate for attachments Noise emission values Vibration characteristic values for bodily vibrations
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