Risque Squirrel and Mouse

These hilarious, risque bottoms would be a great gift for anyone! Your customers will love being able to order these for folks they want to make smile too!! This package contains BOTH the file for men AND women. Each version contains DXF, PNG, JPG, and SVG. Also included with purchase is a FREE STUDIO 3 extension for each version. These files DO contain layers, but there are very few, and they have been created with the "puzzle piece" method, so there will b e no thick layers on your apparel.
***There are a variety of these files floating around, but I just could never find any that I truly liked. I adore detail, and every version I've seen of these has been lacking in detail. These images were hand drawn and created by me inspired by cute cartoon animals that I found online. They offer the detail that will give your company that edge over your competitors...without any extra work! Your customers will appreciate the details that make such huge differences in your products!! I offer these on both flannel sleep pants and jogging pants (Both Boxercraft) Mike will have them up on the website soon. <3
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