Youtube Channel Graphics | Mine Channel

Youtube Channel Graphics | Mine Channel (Minecraft)
Lay down a good foundation on Youtube with this graphics pack for your channel. It's a streamlined and beautiful pack you can easily edit to your liking. It's fully layered, includes the main channel banner, thumbnails and an avatar.
Be Bold, Get Noticed, Pick up Subscribers!
Do I need special software to edit this?
You need Adobe Photoshop CC to edit this template, it's very well organized and easy to navigate.
What is included in the download?
These elements are included:
  • Channel Avatar (psd, jpg)
  • Channel Banner (psd, jpg)
  • Channel Thumbnail Template (psd,jpg) *6
  • Font - Minercraftory

Is it easy to edit the files?
If you have a basic understanding of photoshop you'll be fine.
Are the font or images included?
The font Minercraftory is freely available via daFont and similar web based services and is included in this pack for convenience. Temporary images are included for your video thumbnails which can easily be replaced by your own screenshots.
If I need help can I contact you?
For most questions just ask, I like to off fair support to all my customers.
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