Temperature Converter in VB

Discover Programming LoopsThe purpose of this assignment to confirm that sub routines and functions can be used within Visual Basic programs.Build an application based upon the Temperature Converter application demonstrated in this week’s Presentation.
Include the following additions to the Conversion Selection group:
Celsius to Kelvins
Kelvins to Celsius
Fahrenheit to Kelvins
Kelvins to Fahrenheit
Ensure that all of the functionality of the program demonstrated in this week’s Presentation is maintained in addition to the four additional conversion selections.
Ensure that proper naming convention is used for all objects (forms, buttons, etc.)
Capture a screenshot of the following and include in a Word document entitled “Week 5 – Assignment”.
The form in design mode showing the Properties window
The form in run mode with the final values of each conversion shown. Note that this will be a total of 6 different conversions to cover all the of conversion selection options.
Source code for each form that shows all subroutines
Submit the assignment in the assignment upload area.
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