ant101 week2 assignment

Article 1:Bianchi, S.M. (1999) Feminization and Juvenilization of poverty: Trends, relative risks, causes and consequences. Annual Review of Sociology, 23, 307-333. Retreieved from the JSTOR database.

Black Feminization of Poverty: Evidence From the U.S. Cross-Regional Data

Ezeala-Harrison, Fidel. Journal of Developing Areas. Fall 2010. Vol. 44 Issue 1, p 149-166.18p.6 charts.


Thesis Statement:

Trends in "feminization" and "juvenilization" of poverty showing that the relative risks of poverty increased for women in the 1970s but decreased for working-age women in the early 1980s. Relative risks of poverty increased for children between the 1970s and 1990s particularly in comparison with the elderly.
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