WP Media Premade #9

This premade includes TXT files to help with any questions you might have. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// This is a mobile friendly premade. It includes a Wordpress Media theme. Please read the description below. Thank you. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// *NOTE: THIS WP MEDIA PREMADE INCLUDES A YOUTUBE EMBED TEMPLATE for those who do not wish to upload specific videos to your server HOWEVER, you have both options. Youtube as well as uploading to your own server.* *Youtube Template can be used on POSTS* ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// NOTE #2 For the social and related posts plugins, you might have to set them to not show on any posts/pages, so that the code in the themes will put them where they need to be instead of wordpress putting them where it wants to. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Main: http://kacielizabeth.com/design/wpmedia/?wptheme=VideoTheme9
Viewing Tags: http://kacielizabeth.com/design/wpmedia/category/appearances/?wptheme=VideoTheme9
Viewing Video Youtube Template: http://kacielizabeth.com/design/wpmedia/2015/10/07/youtube-test/?wptheme=VideoTheme9
Viewing Video Regular Template: http://kacielizabeth.com/design/wpmedia/2015/10/07/video-test/?wptheme=VideoTheme9///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// - INCLUDES needed plugins. Just upload zips to your wordpress plugin folder, unzip and activate. - Wordpress - Includes TXT files for additional information - You can change colors. - You can change the header - You can edit the coding - You can use on various sites that you own/run ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// !!!! If a theme is not working, check to make sure the style.css is linking to the correct theme. !!!! ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ** Themes are meant to be used as a base for you to edit/use. Do not resell or redistribute them. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
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